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Name of era: Assyria

Era type: Period
The ancient civilization in modern day Iraq and Mesopotamia started on the south-most end. Assyria is the fourth to began an empire, after Sumer, Akkad, and Babylonia. The overall Assyria period is broken off into a number of sub-periods. At the largest, Assyria encompasses modern day Egypt, old day Babylon. The Assyria empire went through highs and lows, including two dark ages. Its relationship with Babylon and Hittities co-evolved. The height of Assyrian Empire is around 668-627BC.
Country Then: Assyria
Country Now: Iraq
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Ubaid Period -6500 -3800
Uruk Period -4000 -3100
Assyria -2400 -608
Akkadian Empire -2334 -2154
First Babylonian Dynasty -1894 -1531

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First Agricultural Revolution -10000 Mesopotamia