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Name of era: Delian League

Era type: Period
Athenian Empire
The league of city-states around the Aegean Sea, built by the city-state of Athen, in response against Persian attack. Athens built the league after being attacked by the Persian twice. The Athens instituted democratic system several decades prior, and built naval supremacy. The league constituted more than 100 members, and it is characterized the first Athenian Empire. The league dissolved after the war with Spartans in the Peloponnesian War.
Country Then: Athen
Country Now: Greece
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Socrates Socrates Socrates -469 -399
Democritus Democritus Democritus -460 -370
Aristotle Aristotle Aristotle -384 -322
Alexander the Great Alexander The Great -356 -323

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Mycenaean Greece -1900 -1100
Greek Dark Ages -1200 -800
Macedonia -800 -146
Archaic Greece -800 -480
Delian League -477 -404
Second Athenian Empire -378 -355
Kingdom of Greece 1832 1974

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Athenian Democracy -508 Greece
Parthenon Dedication -438 Athens