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Name of era: First Babylonian Dynasty

Era type: empire
Old Babylonian
Babylonian was a city-state in ancient Mesopotamia named after the capital of Babylon. The empire started with the establishment of the capital, and ended with the sacking of the capital. Although Babylon existed for nearly 1000 years after the First Babylonian Dynasty, the part of near-east folk lore about Babylon is rested in this period. The Hitties King Murshili I sacked Babylon, but then was rushed back to him country and then killed by political rivals. Hammurabi created an empire out of the Akkadian Empire. Chronology is murky and the exact date of the sacking of Babylon may be off by 150 years. Many foreign invaders then came to Babylon and ruled, but all assimilated into the babylon culture, until the Partians.
Country Then: Iraq
Country Now: Iraq
Weblink: Era related to Hammurabi
Era preceeded by Akkadian Empire
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Ubaid Period -6500 -3800
Uruk Period -4000 -3100
Assyria -2400 -608
Akkadian Empire -2334 -2154
First Babylonian Dynasty -1894 -1531

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First Agricultural Revolution -10000 Mesopotamia