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Name of era: Greco-Bactrian Kingdom

Era type: period

After the death of Alexander the Greek, the Seleucid Empire was established, covering much of Central Asia. Diototus seceded from the Seleucid empire and founded a kingdom. This kingdom is known to have conquered part of India and established contacts with China. The empire was eventually weakened by the Partihans.
Country Then: Central Asia
Country Now: India
Weblink: Era related to Diototus
Era succeeded by Parthian Empire


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Indus Valley Civilization -3300 -1300
India Vedic Period -1700 -500
India Maurya Empire -322 -185
Greco-Bactrian Kingdom -256 -125
India Satavahana Dynasty -230 220
Indo-Greek Kingdoms -180 10
India Guptas Golden Age 320 600
Nalanda University founded 427 1197

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