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Name of era: Liao Dynasty

Era type: Dynasty
Khitan Empire
Liao was an empire in East Asia that ruled over Mongolia and portions of Kazakhstan, the Russian Far East, and northern China proper between 907¨C1125. It was founded by the Khitan Great Khan Abaoji around the time of the collapse of the Han Chinese Tang Dynasty. The Liao Empire was destroyed by the Jurchen of the Jin Dynasty in 1125. However, remnants of its people, led by Yel¨¹ Dashi, established Western Liao Dynasty, also known as Kara-Khitan Khanate, which ruled over parts of Central Asia for almost a century before being conquered by Genghis Khan's Mongolian army.
Country Then: Mongolia, Northwesten China
Country Now: China, Mongolia
Weblink: Era related to Aboji
Era preceeded by TangDynasty
Era succeeded by Jin Dynasty


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Spring and Autumn Period -771 -476
Warring States Period -475 -221
Liao Dynasty 907 1125
Mongol Empire 1206 1368

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