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Name of era: Spanish Golden Age

Era type: period

Coinciding with the Spanish Habsburg dynasty, which is related to the Holy Roman Empire and Austria, the Spanish empire enjoyed tremendous growth, cementing its place as the first global empire that the sun will never set. In 1492 America was discovered. In 1521 the Spanish forces conquested the Aztecs. The Spanish forces then took south America. The California Gold Rush was a small event compared to the gold the Spanish empire discovered in Mexico and South America. One shipment was approx $15,000,000. They usually sent a ship at least once a week. Gold financed the Spanish Armada, and made Spain the richest country in Europe; but it backfired. To be valuable, money must be scarce. With so much money (in form of gold), inflation almost ruined the Spanish economy. The British and French started to challenge the Spanish Empire. In 1621, Mayflower, carrying British settlers, arrived in New England.
Country Then: Spain
Country Now: Spain
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Spanish Golden Age 1521 1643

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