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Crimean War (1853 - 1856) Ukarine

Crimean War
Date event started: 0000-00-00
Date event ended: 0000-00-00
Short summary A war between Russian Empire (under Tsar Alexander II) and the Ottoman Empire, dubbed the sick man of europe at the time. As the Ottoman empire aged, French and Britain tried to influence territorial ownership. Russia fought with Ottoman, who was quickly aided by French and British troops. The Russian tsar negotiated cease fire, but lost land of Baltic Sea and access to Mediterrainian sea. This is a precursor of the Russo-Japanese war, and the 1915 revolution, when Lenin would negotiate with Germany for peace. At this time, Prussia is just starting its rapid expansion.
Country then: Russia
Country Now: Ukarine
Event Era: Russian Empire
Miscellaneous notes: Related event: War of 1848.

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Crimean War 1853 1856

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