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Peloponnesian War (-431 - -404) Greece

Date event started: 0000-00-00
Date event ended: 0000-00-00
Short summary A war fought by confident Athens against militaristic Greek city-state neighbor Sparta, this war was strategically planned with building of city wars and sea-supply routes. However, the war effort was influenced by the breakout of plague, which killed nearly 1/3 of Athens population, forced to live behind walls. The Spartans were aided by Persian Empire, who was defeated by Athens nearly 50 years ago. Socrates lived within the walls of the city during the conflict and expressed critical opinions about war strategies. He was later prosecuted after the war failed.
Country then: Athens
Country Now: Greece
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Event Era: Delian League

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Socrates Socrates Socrates -469 -399
Democritus Democritus Democritus -460 -370
Aristotle Aristotle Aristotle -384 -322
Alexander the Great Alexander The Great -356 -323

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Mycenaean Greece -1900 -1100
Greek Dark Ages -1200 -800
Macedonia -800 -146
Archaic Greece -800 -480
Delian League -477 -404
Second Athenian Empire -378 -355
Kingdom of Greece 1832 1974

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First Olympiad of Ancient Greece -776 -772
First Persian Invasion of Greece -492 -490
Peloponnesian War -431 -404
Corinthian War -395 -387

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Athenian Democracy -508 Greece
Parthenon Dedication -438 Athens