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Second Opium War (1856 - 1860) China, Hong Kong

Second Anglo-Chinese War
Also known as: Anglo-French Expedition to China
Also known as: Arrow War
Date event started: 0000-00-00
Date event ended: 0000-00-00
Short summary A war pitting the British Empire and the Second French Empire against the Qing Dynasty of China, lasting from 1856 to 1860. It was fought over similar issues as the First Opium War. Russia and United States were involved, though not as heavily as the French and British forces. The British and French forces burn the royal palace Yuan Ming Yuan. Britain, France, Russia, and the U.S. would have the right to establish diplomatic legations (small embassies) in Peking (a closed city at the time) Ten more Chinese ports would be opened for foreign trade, including Niuzhuang, Tamsui, Hankou, and Nanjing The right of all foreign vessels including commercial ships to navigate freely on the Yangtze River The right of foreigners to travel in the internal regions of China, which had been formerly banned China was to pay an indemnity to Britain and France in 8 million taels of silver each
Country then: China
Country Now: China, Hong Kong
Event Era: Qing dynasty

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