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Milestone Name: Oaths of Strasbourg,

Oath of Strasbourg
Full name of milestone: Oaths of Strasbourg
Type of milestone: political
Strasbourg oath
Milestone year: 842
When Louis the Pious died, his three sons from the first marriage had much dispute about dividing the kingdom. the oldest son, Lothair, was initially given control of the entire kingdom. However, the younger sons, Charles the Balk and Louis the German decided to form an alliance. The Oath of Strasbourg is a set of mutual pledges of allegiance between Louis the German (d. 876), ruler of East Francia, and his (half-) brother Charles the Bald (d. 877), ruler of West Francia. They are written in three different languages: Medieval Latin, Langue d¡äoïl (Old French) and Old High German. The Old French passages are generally considered to be the earliest texts in a language that is distinctly French. This precedes the Treaty of Verdun. The alliance that divided Western Europe into France and Germany would later lead to many wars or territory disputes. Lothair eventually inherited a land in the middle of France and Germany. This document also testifies to the decline of the influence of Latin.
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People related: Charlemagne
Country then: France, Germany, Italy
Country now: France, Germany, Italy
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