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Milestone Name: Hans Orsted discovered electromagnetism,

Orsted Discovered Electromagnetism
Full name of milestone: Hans Orsted discovered electromagnetism
Type of milestone: science

Milestone year: 1820
Description: Danish Golden Age,
During a lecture, Hans Orsted found that a compass needle moved when a wire carrying electric current is nearby, onfirming a direct relationship between electricity and magnetism. This discovery lead to future work of Ampere, Faraday, and Tesla, and eventually lead to electric generation and electric motor. Electrical motors, along with internal combustion engines, eventually took humans out of the steam engine era. Hans Orsted lived in an era called the Danish Golden Age. He was a professor at University of Copenhagen.
Webline:Ørsted Country then: Danmark
Country now: Danmark
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Orsted Discovered Electromagnetism 1820 Danmark