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Milestone Name: The completion of Parthenon in Greece,

Parthenon Dedication
Full name of milestone: The completion of Parthenon in Greece
Type of milestone: Architecture

Milestone year: -438
Description: Second Persian Invasion of Greece
The Parthenon is a temple built by ancient Greeks to celebrate Athena. The old Parthenon was destroyed during the first Persian invasion of Greece. The building construction took 15 years and approximately 1 billions in today money. The Athens were extremely confident after defeating the mighty Persian empire in the second invation, via Naval supremacy. However, this level of confidence, under democratic rule, would later cause the Athenian empire to further expand and commit to battles with Sparta. The architecture is copied and imitated the world over for many thousands of years. It uses the Golden Ratio to examplify the right proportion. The building is remarkable in many ways, and illustrated the sophistication of ancient Greek society.
Webline: People related: Socrates
Country then: Athens
Country now: Greece
Related Era: Macedonia

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