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Alexander I of Russia, 1777 - 1825, Russia, Russia

A Russia Tsar who ruled the country during the Napolenoic wars and withstood Napoleonic army attack. He instituted a number of reforms in early ruling. He eventually died without a child and heir. He is succeed by Nicholas I, who had to reign through the Decembrist revolt. During Napoleonic wars, Russia gained Finland, Poland, Tarnopol, and Bessarabia. He tried to draft a constitution but eventually did not follow through, leaving the issues for Decembrists Revolt (Nicholas I) and future generations of Tsars (Nicholas II).
Alexander, , Tsar
Alternative Name: Alexander the Blessed
People type: political leader
Achievement: Ruled Russia during Napoleonic wars
Russian Empire| | FrenchRevolution| Peninsular WarPaul I of Russia, Maria Feodorovna
He instructed the drafting of constitution | 1818
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Alexander I of Russia Alexander Tsar 1777 1825
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Mongol Attacks on Russia 1223 1480
Grand Principality of Moscow 1283 1547
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Building Modern Winter Palace 1753 1762
Decembrist Revolt 1825 1825
1905 Russian Revolution 1905 1907
1917 Russian Revolution 1917 1917

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Russian Emancipation Reform 1861 1861 Russia
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk 1918 Russia