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Alexander the Great, -356 - -323, Greece, Greece

The Macedon empire is a Greek empire that lasted for a couple of hundred years. Under Alexander the Great, the kingdom has the largest expansion, including Egype (Alexandria), the Persian empire, and India. It inaugurates the Hellenistic period of ancient greek civilization. Alexander went on a long-distance campaign, covering Persia and went all the way to India. Alexander left his empire to his generals after his death, and these generals and their heirs controlled much of Egypt and Mesopotamia for many hundred years.
Alexander, , The Great
Alternative Name: Alexander III of Macedon
People type: political leader
Achievement: Expansion of the Macedon Empire
Culture and language expansion
Macedonia| | | Philip II of Macedon,
Philip V of Macedon
Expansino under Alexander the Great| -336
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Miscellaneous notes: Following the footsteps of Alexander the Great, BBC video.
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