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Charlemagne, 742 - 814, Western Europe,

The king who unified Western Europe after the Roman Empire, Charlemagne, also knows as Charles the Great of Charles I, is considered the Father of Europe. Both the French and German monarchies consider themselves descendants of Charlemagne. Charlemagne's empire is divided into three parts, with the eastern and western part forming modern France and Germany. Both France and Germany fight over the central, weak part, spunning future wars (such as Franco-Prussian war). He lead the defeat of Lombards in Italy, winning gratitude from Pope Leo III and the Roman church. His great-grand-father, Clovis I, was a Frankish leader that converted to Christianity and lead attacks on Arians such as Burgundians and Germans.
Charles, , The Great
Alternative Name: Charles I
People type: political leader
Achievement: Unified Western Europe after Roman Empire fell
Carolingian renaissance
| | | Pepin the short, Bertrada of Laon
Louis the Pious
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Miscellaneous notes: Franco-German enmity,
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