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Georges Doriot, 1899 - 1987, USA, USA

He immigrated from France to USA in 1940 and setup the first public ally traded venture capital company, American Research and Development Corporation. He famously said A grade A man with a grade B idea is better than a grade Bman with a grade A idea. He famously said "without action, the world would still be an idea". He becomes a professor at Harvard in 1926. In the war, he Becomes director of Military planning division and rose to be a brigadier general.
Georges, , Doriot
Alternative Name: Father of venture capitalIsm
People type: business
Achievement: Father of venture capitalism
Dean of Harvard Business School
worldwar2| | | Founded ARDC| 1946
Founded INSEAD in France| 1957
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Georges Doriot Georges Doriot 1899 1987

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