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Heinrich Geissler Vacuum, 1814 - 1879, Germany, Germany

A glass blower and physicist, he invented the mercury handcranked vacuum pump that ushered in electric light, cathode ray tube display, and vacuum electronics. He found work in different German universities, eventually including the University of Bonn. There he was asked by physicist Julius Pl¨¹cker to design an apparatus for evacuating a glass tube. The pump dropped the pressure to 0.1 Torr, or 10 Pa. The high vacuum pump made Edison light bulb possible, and ushered in the era of vacuum electronics and high frequency electronics. In 1895, X-ray was accidentally discovered by Wilheim Rontgen.
Heinrich, , Geissler
Alternative Name: Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Geißler
People type: technology
Achievement: Significantly advanced vacuum pump technology
Invented the Geissler tube for vacuum electronics
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