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Jesus of Nazareth, -2 - 30, Judaea, Roman Empire, Israle

Historians believe Jesus existed. He was of Jewish descent and featured in Jewish, Christian, and Islam scriptures. Christians were a small sect of Jewish population at the beginning (first century, under the rule of Roman empire). Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and the Messiah. Jesus was prosecuted by both Jewish and Roman empire for radical beliefs and teaching. However, Christianity eventually gained large following.
Jesus, , Christ
Alternative Name: Jesus Christ
People type: political leader
Achievement: Started teaching new thoughts
Inspiration for Christinity, a new faith
| | | Joseph, Mary
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Miscellaneous notes: Apostles (St Peter, St Paul, )
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Jesus of Nazareth Jesus Christ -2 30
Apostle Paul Paul Saint 5 67

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Jewish Bible Torah Created -600 -400

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