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Tongzhi Emperor, 1856 - 1875, , China

Was the tenth emperor of the Qing Dynasty, and the eighth Qing emperor to rule over China. His reign, from 1861 to 1875, which effectively lasted through his adolescence, was largely overshadowed by the rule of his mother Empress Dowager Cixi. Although he had little influence over state affairs, the events of his reign gave rise to what historians call the "Tongzhi Restoration", an unsuccessful attempt to stabilise and modernise China.Tongzhi became emperor at the age of five upon the death of his father, the Xianfeng Emperor.The day after Tongzhi took up the reins of power, the foreign powers requested an audience with the teenage emperor. The request precipitated a sharp disagreement between the ministers at the foreign legations, who made it clear that they would not perform the ritual kowtow to the emperor, and the Zongli Yamen, regarding the protocol to be observed. The Qing government was also loath to hold the audience within the confines of the Forbidden City, eventually settling on the "Pavilion of Purple Light" at one of the lakeside palaces to the west of the Forbidden City, which is now part of Zhongnanhai.
Zaichun, , Aisin Gioro
Alternative Name: ͬ
People type: political leader
Achievement: Emperor of China
Qing dynasty| | | Xianfeng Emperor, Empress Cixi
Related to person: Empress Dowager Cixi
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